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As a premier background screening provider, we're passionate about helping ministries mitigate risk and maintain compliance. We equip faith-based leaders with accurate and affordable background screening products that reduce exposure to damaging situations.

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Smart Solutions for Ministries

Our team is active in the local church, and we truly understand the value of background checks to protect your people from harm. That's why we do more than provide quality background screenings—we provide peace of mind through common sense security.

Fast and accurate data

Our products are designed to give you accurate information quickly, so you increase safeguards when hiring staff and onboarding volunteers.

Cost-effective solutions

We're dedicated to helping churches implement an affordable, in-house background screening program that meets your unique needs and budget.

Compliance expertise

Our experts stay on top of changing compliance regulations and educate ministry leaders to ensure the strongest safeguards are deployed.

Simple screening management

With our solutions, your church can electronically process, retrieve, and store background screening information in one secure place.

Uphold the Highest Safety Standards

As an industry leader in background checks, our business practices are FCRA compliant, and our technology platform is HR-XML CONSORTIUM CERTIFIED. But, we’re more than that. We’re committed to protecting churches and ministries from bad actors.

Keep children safe      Prevent negative publicity      Deter criminals

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Save time and money while increasing the safeguards at your ministry with our advanced background screening solutions.

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