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Monthly Monitoring

Monthly Monitoring is an affordable FCRA-compliant, ongoing monitoring tool. It allows churches and ministries to proactively monitor their background checked staff and volunteers on a more frequent basis, filling the gap between lengthy re-screens.

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How Monitoring Works

When you sign up an applicant, they are automatically screened through a national criminal and sex offender database once a month. If new offenses are discovered, we re-verify the potential new and adverse information. We then compile an updated consumer report with any reportable findings.

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There are multiple benefits when signing up for monthly monitoring from a heightened peace of mind to creating a culture of trust within your ministry.


Protect your people and reputation by quickly learning critical information about staff and volunteers.

Bonus Features

Implement additional safeguards beyond initial and annual background screenings.

Increase Safeguards with Monthly Monitoring

Don’t let bad actors slip through the cracks and infiltrate your ministry. Stay in-the-know with our consistent monitoring tool.

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