Fast, High Quality Background Checks

All background checks are not created equal. Knowing when and what background check to run is crucial to not missing records and opening yourself up to more potential risk.

Active Screening is a nationwide, PBSA accredited leader providing industry-specific solutions that help employers make smarter hiring decisions in running the correct background check and reducing time to hire. 

There’s no reason to take chances with wrong background checks. Whether you need identity and credit history, criminal background checks, drug testing or I-9 work status, Active Screening has the solution for your hiring needs.

    Data Quality

    Making great hires is critical to growing a great business. The quality of our background checks combined with our turn around time enable you to get the people you need on your team.

    Speed of Results

    You have a business to run and slow background checks impact your ability to operate. Active Screening returns results on average within 24 hours.

    Easy to Use

    Our background screening platform is one of the easiest to use on the market. Our customers are up and performing checks with no training. Its simply that easy.

    Employers agree that Active Screening has the full range of solutions necessary for screening successfully in today’s complex hiring environment.



    Our background screening solutions are shaped to your reality and are able to be customized to move you forward.

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    Before assigning a temporary or full-time employee to a client’s office it’s paramount to check the employee’s background for criminal history.

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    Establish a comprehensive background screening process for incoming students, teachers and other staff.

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    Property Management

    As a property manager, it’s important to find tenants who are capable of meeting the terms of a lease, pose no threat to other tenants and live responsibly.

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    We work with Human Resources and Park and Recreation departments to establish a screening policy for employees and volunteers serving with youth.

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    Our healthcare screening is tailored to the health care industry, to ensure your staff and volunteers meet the national standards and your facilities expectations.

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    High Quality Background Checks

    Personalized services and solutions that help you mitigate risk and hire with confidence.

    Our aim is to ultimately lower your exposure to risk and litigation, while helping you comply with laws governing the use of consumer reports. Don’t leave your business or organization at risk.

    Yearly Background Checks

    Turn Around Time in Hours


    Criminal Hit Rate


    Accuracy Rate


    Yearly Background Checks


    Turn Around Time in Hours


    Criminal Hit Rate


    Accuracy Rate

    Peace of Mind

    Active Screening can build out the perfect solution for YOUR needs.

    Our high-touch, high-quality customer-oriented approach is designed to give small and medium-sized organizations the highest level of quality service and build trusted relationships over time.

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