Monthly Monitoring for Ongoing Protection

We understand that protecting your organization from bad actors like sex offenders and criminals is a top priority. It’s our priority too. That’s why we provide services beyond one-time and annual background screenings for volunteers, staff and others that work within your organization.

Monthly Monitoring from Active Screening is an FCRA-compliant, ongoing monitoring tool that allows organizations to monitor their background checked employees and volunteers proactively. By screening employees on a more frequent and efficient basis, you fill the gap between lengthy rescreens.

The Process

First, the applicant is automatically screened through a national criminal and sex offender database once a month. At the time of the monthly screen, if new offenses are discovered, we re-verify the potential new and adverse information. Next, we compile an updated consumer report for any reportable findings.

The Benefits

  • Quickly learn critical information about employees and volunteers
  • Protect your organization’s invaluable reputation
  • Provide additional safeguards beyond initial and annual background checks
  • Create a culture of trust and transparency within your organization

The Next Steps

Many organizations complete background checks during the hiring process, and they typically re-screen employees once every 1-3 years (if they even re-screen again). If this sounds like your organization, your next step is to sign up for Monthly Monitoring from Active Screening. With this up-to-date information, your organization can make the best decisions about employees and volunteers.


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