Background Screening
Credential Verification

Credential Verification

Active Screening offers many services that can help you find out if what a candidate represents on their resume is the same as previous employers and educational institutions. Our Reference and Credentialing Services allow employers to confirm nearly all the information provided by their applicants representing their qualifications.

Education Verification

Many companies require specific academic qualifications for many, if not all positions. Our Education Verifications confirm school(s) attended, diplomas, degrees & certificates earned, dates of attendance, the major of study and GPA.

Employment Verification

Candidates can often be less than truthful about their employment history. This to be the number one discrepancy on resumes and job applications. Our background screening specialists verify the information on your applicant’s resume. This service verifies dates of employment and last position held. Verifications are retrieved either by phone to appropriate employer contact, or via web-based fee services. The standard scope for employment verifications is 5 yrs.

Professional License Verification

Professional license verifications confirm your applicants’ qualifications and authenticate their license and indicate if it is currently in good standing and issued in the candidate’s name.

Military Service Record Verification

Confirms military records for candidates. Information obtained will include dates of service, rank, experience, discharge and/or current military status.

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