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Our Social Media Screening solution is the only social media background screening service to be reviewed by the Federal Trade Commission. We help companies leverage bias-free public content in their employment decisions without a messy, complicated workflow.

Every social screening report includes an analysis and categorized supplemental data of publicly available problematic content in the context in which it was shared.

How It Works…

We use a combination of proprietary technology and human expert analytics to correctly identify a candidate’s online presence on any publicly available, user-generated accounts and profiles.

Once a candidate’s online profile is confirmed, the content is captured with screenshots for actionable areas of risk like racism, intolerance, violence, potentially illegal activity, and sexually explicit material.


What To Expect

  • Business related actionable results
  • Accurate, relevant data
  • 10 years of social media background screening experience
  • Automated workflow
  • Adjudication Decision Training Program
  • AI + Human Analytics
  • Only online screening provider FCRA, EEOC, and data privacy law compliant

Why add Social Media Screening to your risk management strategy?

Our solution for Social Media Screening is much more affordable and thorough compared to a DIY or HR approach. It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole of research, costing a tremendous amount of time and money. Plus, you may find protected or sensitive information that you can’t unsee or legally apply when making a hiring decision.

With our social screening service, there’s no irrelevant results or lengthy review process. See what’s relevant to your organization quickly without the noise of unusable data and avoid negligent hiring practices.

We provide real customer support and adjudication training on how to apply online data to your screening workflow, code of conduct, and policies.

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