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Active Screening provides accurate and effective background check solutions, customized to fit your specific needs. With nationwide criminal checks as low as $12, a better applicant screening process starts here.

Why Active Screening?

As the leading innovator in the background check industry, we specialize in providing organizations with industry-specific solutions for an optimally successful pre-employment screening program. We have the necessary tools, resources and years of experience to help you better manage your hiring and screening policies, ensuring your team is made up of only the most qualified candidates.

  • More than 15,000 clients served in all 50 states.
  • National average turnaround time of 26 hours on county court records and 16 hours on statewide court repository records.
  • U.S. based in-house research department holds direct electronic access to county and statewide court records, so personal information does not get sent overseas for processing.
  • Nationwide network of field agents perform on-site county and statewide court research when necessary.

Criminal Background Check Packages

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