Employee turnover costs businesses excessive time, money, and resources. If you want to continue growing a successful organization, it’s important to hire the right people for the appropriate positions within your company. Here are 10 insider tips to help with hiring the best employees.

#1: Define the Job Description.

Job descriptions help you to effectively communicate with potential employees. They set an accurate expectation for both the employer and employee.  Communicate the work environment and company culture you’re trying to cultivate. This helps to find someone with a great work ethic and someone that will fit well within your organization.

#2: Present A Solid Company Profile.

Presenting a strong company brand will show any potential job applicant your company’s mission, values, and vision. This allows your applicant to assess how they might fit in. It can show them what additional expertise and experience they bring to the table. The goal is to communicate a welcoming environment while effectively soliciting the skill set needed for the job in which they are applying.

#3: Create A Hiring Checklist.

Creating a checklist will assist in keeping you on task during interviews and allow for a systematic hiring process. This not only assists in organization for yourself but also keeps track of applicants throughout the process. Plus, it’s a great resource to look back on when making final decisions and at the end of your employment screening process.

#4: Carefully Review Applicant Credentials.

The daunting task of looking over applications, cover letters, and job application letters can be overwhelming.  Referring to your applicant checklist can help in this process and assist in finding the most qualified candidate for your job.  If you have multiple well-qualified applicants, start looking for things that set an applicant apart. Are they involved in nonprofit organizations, volunteer opportunities, or other volunteer programs locally or abroad?

#5: Pre-Screen Potential Employees.

You can learn a lot just by getting a person on the phone during an employment screening phone call.  Asking questions verbally can add to your written profile of personal information while potentially giving you more insight on their personality, phone etiquette, and ability to effectively communicate.  Additionally, during this pre-screening interview it can be determined that their salary requirements are congruent with the job you are potentially offering.

#6: Ask the Right Questions in a Job Interview.

A job interview is a pivotal factor in hiring employees. Therefore, job interview questions are crucial to making a decision that best fits not only the job profile but also ensuring you hire the person who would be suitable within the job culture. Potential hires may also be looking for a company that presents itself well and shows what would be expected of them as an employee.

#7: Move Quickly and Efficiently.

Statistically, the best candidates are off the market within ten days. It is important to act quickly in the interview and hiring process, especially if you are particularly interested in an applicant. Keeping the lines of communication open with your applicants is crucial. Respond quickly to any questions or concerns; being accessible to potential employees is crucial to the hiring process.

#8: Use Background Checks and References.

An effective background check is one of the best ways to verify that the presented credentials, experience, and skills are appropriately possessed by the applicant.  It is imperative to utilize an appropriate background screening by a qualified background check company. Utilizing an employment screening company that regularly conducts background checks for this purpose ensures the best results for complete job hiring purposes.

#9: Utilize Social Media Screening.

You’ve completed interviews and now you must choose the right candidate for the position. Along with background checks, completing a social intelligence check can help you hire the best candidates. Screening an applicant’s social media ensures that a potential hire is compatible with the company culture as well as its current staff. In addition, social media screenings can help prevent problems in areas of concern for organizations. These screenings help keep employees, customers, and others safe.

#10: Keep an Eye on Reviews.

Potential employees are also doing their homework. They check company reviews, salary expectations, and interview tips from other websites. Therefore, business culture is a crucial part of what potential employees want in their next job opportunity; therefore, your culture and online reviews should be considered prior to beginning your next employee search.

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