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Active Volunteer Screening offers the quickest, easiest, and most proven non-profit screening available on the market today, allowing you to focus on your organization with peace of mind.

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Why Non-Profit Background Screening?

Active Screening has always advocated accuracy in the non-profit screening market and has helped re-define the standards for volunteer screening.

Volunteers serve in thousands of roles in our communities, churches and youth sports programs. Active Screening screens hundreds of thousands of non-profit staff and volunteers every year. Our background screening solutions meet industry FCRA compliance standards. All records are re-verified for accuracy according to FCRA 613 compliance, which requires volunteer background information to be checked for accuracy in the same manner used to verify employee information.

National Background Check recommendations

For criminal background check options by state we have developed an online consultation solution, so you can select the right volunteer background check. Recommendations include criminal background checks, as well as a ”true” 50 states sex offender registry search, with several states that must be searched by ”name-only” as some states do not provide date of birth on the offenders. A social security number verification is included to verify the correct name and date of birth of the applicant and to alert you to possible mismatches between the name provided by the applicant and the name registered to the social security number. A mismatch could indicate that the applicant is attempting to hide his/her true identity.

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