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Procedures for Background Check Processing in the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina

The Diocese has been using Active Screening Faith for all background checks for a number of years. In September of 2022 we began partnering with them to set up an electronic processing platform. This will enable parishes to initiate background checks as well as set up their own billing account. All results will be sent via your church portal to Rector/Priest-in-Charge or Senior Wardens of vacant cures, or organization Directors.

Step One: Processing

All parishes should sign up at activescreening.com/faith/signup/ OR you may call Marla Wierzel at 813-467-8800. Marla will assist you with setting up your account. It takes approximately 5 minutes. There is no charge to sign up. Prior to signing up you will need to know and have available the following:

  • Your preferred payment method. You have the option to pay your invoices by check or with credit card. If you choose to pay by check, you will need your billing contact, address, and phone. If by credit card, you will need your credit card number, billing contact, address, phone, and name on the card.
  • You will need to provide an EIN number and upload one of the following: 501-c3, a Secretary of State Filing or insurance certificate to verify your parish identity.
  • It takes Active Screening Faith approximately 24-48 business hours to set up your account. Once your account is set up your account contact will receive an email with your username and a temporary password.

All screening package options have been designed by and approved by the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina.

Should you have questions while you set up your account or afterwards, please contact Marla Wierzel at 813-467-8800 and she will assist you.

Step Two: Initiating A Background Check

Gone are the days when you completed the top portion of an 8-page document and gave it to someone to complete by hand. All that is needed is for the contact to log into your Active Screening Faith Account, add the applicant’s name, email, the type of background check and hit send. The applicant will receive an email giving them instructions on how to complete the form. As an industry leader in background checks, Active Screening Faith’s business practices are FCRA compliant, and their technology platform is HR-XML CONSORTIUM CERTIFIED.

Attached please find Appendix A of the Model Policies which will assist you in determining who is required to have a background check.

Who needs a background check and what level?

Click on the chart to enlarge

Step Three: Background Check Results

The process of getting results will be much quicker. You will receive this information through your Active Screening Faith portal. Note: Results will only be visible by the Canon to the Bishop. Should a background check not be satisfactory, the Canon to the Bishop will make a documented call to the Rector, Priest in Charge, Senior Warden or Organization Director.

Additional Information:


  • Volunteer $12.50 (plus any County/State Fees*)
  • Volunteer with Motor Vehicle Check $18.00 (plus any County/State Fees*)
  • Parish Staff $37.00 (plus any County/ State Fees*)
  • Parish Staff with Credit Check $52.00 (plus any County/State Fees)
  • Credit Only $13.50

*Some counties/states charge processing fees, if this occurs the cost is charged as part of the individual background check.

Questions: Should you have questions outside of the set-up process please contact Canon Catherine Massey: catherine.massey@episdionc.org

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