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Background Screening Solutions

Effective And Affordable Background Services

Active Screening provides effective and affordable background screening services. With our solutions, your team can electronically process, retrieve and store pre-hire, or post-hire, substance abuse tests, administer physicals, run criminal background check reports and credential verifications, upload critical documents for storage, and meet all compliance regulations.

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    What We Offer

    Our platform offers a complete and comprehensive suite of a background screening, drug testing, E-Verify, and compliance administration, all-in-one-system.

    Optimize Business Processes

    Reduced Hiring Cost & Time

    Improve Reliability and Scalability

    Secure Data Storage

    Disaster Recovery Process

    Identity & Credit

    Determine eligibility for drving a company or personal vehicle for business use.

    Criminal Records

    Identify criminal convictions or lack thereof so that you can hire with confidence.

    Driver's Records

    Confirm the information provided on a resume and/or job application.

    Clinical Services

    Insulate your organization from workplace accidents, violence and rising health care costs.

    DOT Employers Clinical Services

    Reduce the costs of DOT through our array of screening, management services.

    Electronic I-9 Solutions

    Verify your applicants right to work through integration E-Verify.

    Applicant-Entry Solutions

    Give your applicants a simple online paperless form and payment solution.

    References & Credentialing

    Confirm the information provided on a resume and/or job application.