Active Screening is excited to present to you the 2014 Guide to Applicant Screening; this guide is an informative tool that will help prepare you for hiring and screening in 2014.


 The 2014 guide to Applicant Screening

With the state of the economy, desperation and fraud have been flooding the job market; as more and more candidates apply for positions, your chances of a bad hire continuously increase.  A bad hire can lead to loss of profit, wasted resources and time most employers don’t have to spare. Many employers underestimate the cost of a bad hire but studies have proven the minimum cost could be devastating.

A study done by in 2012 showed that 69 percent of employers reported their organizations were negatively impacted by a bad hire. Of that 41 percent of those businesses estimated the cost of a bad hire to be over $25,000. Even worse – 24 percent of employers reported the cost to be over $50,000.

With that said, applicant screening is not only important but necessary in today’s workplace. By properly screening applicant’s you can gain insight on the candidate’s credentials and background that can potentially save you from hiring a costly mistake.

The benefits of applicant screening Include:

  • Ensuring your new hires have the right background.
  • Reducing risks.
  • Creating a safe workplace environment.
  • Reducing losses from employee theft, drug abuse, turnover and absenteeism.
  • Minimizing internal fraud.

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What you will find in the guide?

This 23 page guide that includes everything from the history of screening to a personal checklist for you to evaluate your current process; it is broken up into sections which makes it easy to scan and find the information you need.

Material covered in the guide:

  • A history on applicant screening.
  • The different types of checks available.
  • The industries that use screening solutions.
  • Information about compliance laws and regulations.
  • What Active Screening does as a professional screening organization?
  • Why you benefit from properly screening.
  • How Active Screening can help.
  • A personal checklist for you to look at your current screening policy.

With this guide you will learn how to completely optimize your screening policy and be able to improve the overall quality of your company. Don’t miss your chance to download our free guide today. You won’t be disappointed.

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