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1. 10 Ways Companies Drive Away Talent

Employers do you have a problem with finding talent? This article from Forbes provides an explanation for the so called “talent shortage” but it may be hard for employers to hear as it exposes 10 different ways employers may be driving away their talent. Although it puts companies on the spot it is a rather colorful and educational piece that may open your eyes to something you weren’t aware was a problem. This is a must read by all HR professionals.

2. Facebook recruiting: not just a fairy tale! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social recruiting has been quite popular lately but some recruiters remain on the fence. With the use of children’s stories the Undercover Recruiter reveals some great statistics on social recruiting. This fun infographic may turn you into a believer.

3. 3 Keys to Unlocking Employee Talent

Talent is important in today’s workforce, some hire solely on talent and others try and find talent amongst their employees. Either way once you find it you need to be careful so it doesn’t run off. This post from Entrepreneur discusses three ways employers can bring out their employees talents without burning them out.

4. Investing in Employees: Smart Companies Are Increasing Their L&D Budgets

This article is from the popular HR blog TLNT and covers the topic of company growth with a focus on employees. It makes the argument that by increasing the L&D or learning and development budget and improving the company culture, companies will excel. This is a great read for all employers.

5. The Year’s Most Outrageous “Late for Work” Excuses, Rated

CareerBuilder released their latest employment survey and the results were outrageous… literally. The survey reveals the most outrageous “late for work” excuses employers have heard. From wild animals to the emergency room these excuses will bring a smile to your face.

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