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This post comes from HR pro Tim Sackett and is refreshingly honest about recruitment. In the post he addresses the polite thoughts on recruiting and then gets down to business with the truth. Competition is imminent and if you don’t want to lose your star players maybe it’s time to make a change. Find out more from Tim in this great read.

 2. Happy Employees = Hefty Profits

Forbes continues to touch on the subject of company culture with this article by claiming happy employees increase profits. The author advises employers to start investing in their employees and develop talent. This is an easy to read article complete with 5 tools to help employers create a happy and more profitable environment. All employers should check this one out.

 3. What Can a Social Footprint Really Reveal About a Prospective Candidate?

Social is here and there is no way around it, with that said there is no reason not to use it to your advantage. This post from recruiting blogs explains exactly what to look for on social with what they call the 5 C’s of social media: Community, Content, Context, Communication and Consistency. Read this and find out what each C can tell you about your candidates social footprint.


Thinking about video recruitment? The graphic outlines the benefits and costs related to using video during the hiring process. Be sure to check out this fun infographic from the Undercover Recruiter.

 5. Online Recruitment – Where Do I Start?

 This post from Acacia HR Solutions makes a case social or online recruiting, claiming its time for all those “late adopters” to stop procrastinating and embrace social media. The post goes on to explain why this is a necessary part of the recruiting process. Change isn’t always welcomed but it is sometimes for the better. Need help? Start by reading this article.

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