School: a majority of the population spends almost a quarter of their life there and sometimes longer. When you think about that, it’s no wonder that it feels so good to have a college degree. You put 20 + years into that degree, you worked hard – late nights at library, double shifts at Starbucks to pay tuition, surviving on 2-4 hours of sleep at a time.  So how would you feel if someone bought a diploma and then was picked for a job over you?

I know ridiculous right… people can do that? Yes they can and they do, in fact there are companies out there that make it really easy. Have $600 lying around? You could earn a Master’s degree in 5 min. Here are some examples:

  • At we go the extra mile to make certain that your documents are not only authentic looking, but affordable too!
  • Established in 1999 Concordia College & University® in Wilmington, Delaware offers a $395.00 all-inclusive U.S. nationally accredited degree program based on prior learning and life experience credits.
  • This YouTube video has over 58,000 views: Order Fake Diplomas Online – Most Authentic Novelty Degrees on the internet.

Now that I probably have a few college grads steaming, I am going to switch my focus to recruiters and why this matters to the staffing industry.

You would think that the staffing industry has more candidates than jobs to place them in (which is true) but not all of them are qualified candidates. When you break it down, the suitable candidates who are actually qualified for the open positions only represent a very small percentage of job seekers. Throw fake resumes and degrees in there and recruiters might just have one of the hardest jobs out there.

Being a client a based industry it is important that recruiters find quality candidates to place. One wrong placement and that staffing agency could lose all of its credibility. So how do you provide a reliable service when there is so much deceit out there? The answer is a combination of client communications and vetting.

In any situation people just want to know what is going on. A client has been waiting a week longer than expected, don’t wait for a compliant – explain to them why. A client will be happy to know that waiting an extra week to vet a candidate could save them from turnover and more spending in the long run.

So let’s talk about vetting. A proper screening program is comprehensive. You won’t find that fake degree with a criminal background check. For the staffing industry in particular we recommend a well-rounded package to ensure that the candidate is exactly what the client is looking for.

Solutions for staffing include:

  • Identity & Credit: This is a great way to identify your candidate, get an address history and know that you are actually placing who you think you are.
  • Driver’s Records: This one is especially good for any candidate whose job will involve any travel.
  • Criminal Records: Be sure you are placing candidates that will keep the integrity of the business and maintain a safe work environment.
  • References & Credentialing: This is a big one for staffing – all candidates’ references and credentials need to be checked. This is a breaking point for clients, one unqualified candidate and you will lose that client.
  • Substance Abuse Testing: Ease the worries of employers with substance abuse testing: helping keep accidents and unnecessary violence out of the workplace.
  • Electronic I-9 Solutions: Verify your applicant’s right to work, so they are ready to start work immediately for clients.

In the staffing industry the quality of candidates defines an agency. Fake resumes, diplomas and charm can get the best of you, if you let pressure get in the way of better judgment. Remember to communicate with your clients and always properly vet candidates before placement. Looking for a strong partnership to help you achieve your mission? Check out Active Screening, we have helped many staffing firms place only the best candidates. Subscribe to our blog for more on staffing, hiring and vetting in today’s workplace.


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