With an abundance of online resources right at our fingertips, many employers are turning to social instead of traditional screening. As social is the popular choice it is not the smartest. Don’t get me wrong, social can be an effective part of the screening process but it should only be one component of a well-rounded program and needs to be implemented correctly. By using a complete and comprehensive screening program companies will create an optimal culture, increase productivity and in turn see an increase in profits. Don’t believe me? Here is a list of 5 ways a comprehensive program will improve your business.

1. Save Time

Hiring takes time, planning and patience. From the time the ad goes out to the official hire date months may pass by. The last thing an employer wants is to spend a month sifting through resumes to have their “perfect” new hire up and quit or worse turn out to be a bad hire. By using a proper screening program employers won’t think they found the perfect candidate, they will know. This will save them from hiring and training another new person, meaning the next month can be spent on optimizing the business not with a headache over hiring.

 2. Decrease Cost

Hiring and training a new employee takes resources away from a business, with the hope that the new hire will return the resources and more but increasing productivity and profits . This makes the new hire more like an investment; however, with any investment there are certain risks. The cost of a bad hire can be up to 60% of an annual salary and even more for higher paid employees. By screening candidates employers greatly reduce that risk – creating funds for investing in current employees and improving company culture rather than training another new hire.

 3. Reduce Turnover

High turnover means a loss in profits, time spent rehiring and more resources wasted but it can easily be avoided by using a little extra caution. Background screening can tell employers a lot about candidates: Do their references check out? Did they really get that bachelor’s degree in engineering? Were the honest with you? Or is the perfect resume not so perfect. Knowing these things will ensure that the person is right for the position – which will reduce voluntary and involuntary turnover and increase time spent on productivity.

 4. Increase Resources

Time, money, valuable employees – all of these constitute as important resources to a business. Using a proper screening program will provide employers with more money, time and valuable employees. This one is simple the more resources available to you the higher your productivity. You profit in more than one way.

5. Increase Quality

Increase in quality is the final and most valuable benefit of a great screening program. We’ve gone over everything you get when you use a comprehensive process. If you put it all together- more time, more money, quality staff and better resources you have everything you need to optimize your business. This will increase the quality of your company overall; from the environment to the product to the employees – your business will be ideal.

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