Check out what the following blogs had to say about HR trends, news and more. Below is a list of our top five favorite posts from this week. Check back every Friday for five more!

  1. The Realistic Job Preview is Back

If you want to reduce turnover it’s time you start showing your weaknesses. It may sound crazy but according to HR Bartender you have a better chance of keeping employees around if you are honest up front.  Keep reading to find out what the realistic job preview can do for you.

  1. What Epic Recruiters and Game of Thrones Have in Common

This creative and fun post takes one of TV’s hottest shows and compares it to recruiters. Ever think you’d find a connection between House Stark and the recruiting practices? Well the folks at LinkedIn Talent blog did! This is a must read for any recruiter or Game of Thrones fanatic.

  1. Culture is King and Change Leadership is Queen

Company culture seems to be all we hear about lately but how do you establish the culture candidates require? It starts with change. If Culture is King well Change is Queen… This post from Switch & Shift explains why the reigning two go together. This is a great read for anyone in a leadership position.

  1. Get Over Yourself: Stop Focusing On Generational Differences

“Newsflash:  There are generational differences in the workplace” Old, young, experienced, brand new… we can all work together and yes be productive! Trish McFarlane points this out in her latest post on HR Ringleader. Boomer, Gen X, Gen Y – whatever your age, this is a great read for everyone in today’s workforce.

  1. Are you Persuading or Convincing candidates to take your jobs?

Persuading or convincing: do you know the difference? Tim Sackett wants to know. He defines the two in this post about the candidate experience. So which do you do, persuade candidates or convince candidates?  Not sure? See what Sackett has to say on the subject.

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