Check out what the following blogs had to say about HR trends, news and more. Below is a list of our top five favorite posts from this week. Check back every Friday for five more!

1. Let Love Inspire Your Leadership

This great post from Forbes discusses the employer/employee relationship. Released with Valentine’s Day in mind, the post compares work relationships to marriage and love. If you are interested in company culture this is a post for you.

2. How to find the right person for the right job [3 hiring myths busted!]

This post is from The Undercover Recruiter and covers the important topic of finding the right person for the job. This recruiter takes a non-traditional approach by not extending his advice but actually “busting” three hiring myths.

3. 10 Fastballs and 1 Curveball to Ask Top Candidates

Get the most out of an interview with these tricky and telling questions., a blog for the recruiting community, gives a list of unusual interview questions that will help you identify the “rockstars” of potential candidates.

4. Tackle Conflicts with Conversation

Don’t let your instincts get the best of you. This post from the Harvard Business Review explains why the natural response of avoidance is wrong and how embracing conflict is better in the end, complete with tips and tactics.

5. Here’s Why Your Employees Are Just Not That Into You

With a fun take on the movie He’s Just Not That Into You, this post addresses management and HR professionals about their company culture and what might be wrong with it. Find out how to improve your employee engagement with this fun post.

Let us know in the comments below if we missed any great HR posts for the week.

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