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1. If Great Talent Walked Through Your Door, Would You Recognize It?

Facebook made a big hiring mistake that cost them almost 20 billion dollars. How? By turning down the very talent that created Zuckerberg’s latest investment, WhatsApp. Great talent is rare; when it walks through your door will you recognize it? Don’t miss out; learn how to recognize great talent today with great tips from this article by the greenhouse blog.


Recognizing talent is one thing, wooing it is a whole new ball park. Recruiters this infographic is for you. This is a great visual from the undercover recruiter about the candidate experience starting with recruitment. Read now and learn what you are doing wrong.

 3. Hire for Bench Strength or Brace for Failure

Employers this one is for you. This post from uses baseball to get the importance of learning and development across. You can’t just have a couple superstars, in order for a team to succeed you must have, as ere puts it, ‘bench strength’. Learn how to hire and develop the best team players out there with this great post.

 4. How To Turn Millennials Into Your Best Talent Scouts

Millennials, dreaded by some and praised by others. The truth is millennials are no different from any other age group. They are mainly products of the 90’s, fresh out of college and ready to learn from the world. So how to you make the most of this fresh talent? Forbes has an idea. Check out this interesting article on turning millennials into your best talent scouts.

5. Six Rules To Being A Social Jobseeker

These days it seems like everything is becoming a ‘social’ process. Even jobs. Social platforms are slowly taking the place of job boards as more and more job seekers turn to them during the job hunt. Don’t fall behind; learn how to become a social seeker with this post from Job Hop. You are just six rules away from finding you dream job online.

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