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1. Your Next Job Application Could Be Via Smartphone

Don’t believe in mobile, it’s time to start. According to the popular technology blog Mashable your next job application may be on a smart phone.  It’s no secret that mobile is making its way to the HR world. The future is coming and it can’t be avoided, read this to learn how to keep up with the times.

 2. 5 Ways You Are Scaring Away Potential Hires

So many recruiters think the talent will come to them but this post from Smart Recruiters says think again. The post explains that HR professionals must apply for jobs and search themselves. The candidates are out there but it is up to you to find them. If you are having trouble finding talent this is a must read.

 3. 7 Signs You Need a Recruitment System [Infographic]

It can be hard to admit that you need help but sometimes it’s necessary. This infographic from Marenated will help to give you the push you need by pointing out the warning signs. HR pros – find out if it’s time for a recruitment system with this visual guide.

 4. What Not To Say In A Job Interview

Do you ever have times where your mind and your mouth just don’t connect? You prepare, you know what you want to say but then you get in the interview and all the wrong things come out. It happens to the best of us, check out this LinkedIn blog for the biggest interview no-nos. Follow this guide and you should sail through your next interview.

 5. Why You Must Talk About Your Job Search

If networking isn’t working for you, then you may be doing it wrong – according to this post from Acacia HR Solutions. Don’t be ashamed of your job search experience embrace it and use it to your advantage. Learn more about how networking can work for you straight from HR professionals (aka the people who will hire you).  This is a great read for any job seeker.


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