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Active candidates only make up a small percentage of suitable candidates for hiring. Unfortunately most agencies and recruiters are only reaching this small pool of candidates. But why? According to Greg Savage, many agencies methods are outdated. It’s time to blend technology with those old methods! Check out why from this very candid yet insightful article.

 2. What is your Bacon Number? Networking Tips that Work!

You’ve heard of the Kevin Bacon game right? In case you haven’t… apparently everyone in Hollywood is connected to Kevin Bacon but how did he create such a large network? Blogging4jobs is here to help with great tips for networking. Check out this post and get quick tips that work.

 3. Moving from Transactions to Engagement — 4 Recruiting Trends

Engagement: a very popular concept in today’s workforce, its everywhere and there is no hiding from it. Talent is lacking and you have to work to keep it, if you find. This starts at the recruiting stage. If you haven’t caught on yet you should read this post focusing on 4 recruiting trends from


Social recruiting is becoming a popular trend among most recruiters. In fact the thought is if you aren’t using it you are missing out. This may be true but Tim Sackett (HR genius) asks a very important question of recruiters: what price are you willing pay for this pursuit? Before you start on your social journey do you strategize? Do you have a plan? In this post from Mr. Sackett, he explains why you need to and how you are probably using social wrong. This is a great article for any recruiter experienced in social or not.

 5. Cheat Sheet for Social Media Recruiting: HCL Technologies’ Journey [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sticking to the theme of the last article featured – this is a great infographic for anyone using social recruiting. It is described as a ‘cheat sheet’ for social recruiters: covering everything from what to share to engagement. This is one infographic you don’t want to miss!

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