Thanksgiving is right around the corner, a holiday known for two things: turkey and Black Friday. Everyone knows the Friday following Thanksgiving is the kick-off for the shopping madness that won’t end until the new year. Preparation for this time of year isn’t just for families hosting dinner or avid shoppers researching the best deals but also for the retail businesses who will be dealing with the large crowds. As fall arrives many businesses start to hire rapidly for the season ahead, often focusing more on the quantity needed than the quality of the hire.

This year the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) released a reminder to properly screen applicants especially during the holidays. Judy Gootkind, NAPBS Chair stated in the release, “Consumers willingly share their personal information in increasingly crowded stores and restaurants, and it’s an employer’s responsibility to make sure their workers are both skilled and trustworthy. Now is not the time to cut corners when faced with time sensitive hiring decisions.”

The NAPBS is absolutely right, in addition to maintaining the privacy of your customers you also want to cut down on risks associated with employee theft and workplace violence. The Annual Retail Theft Survey revealed that in 2012 employee theft rose by 5.5 % and a majority of losses were suffered during the holiday season. When scrambling to hire, a screening policy may seem time consuming and unnecessary but in the long run it could save your company from a loss in profit or a costly lawsuit.

Here are a few tips on how to hire not just an extra set of hands but the perfect candidate for the job:

  • Have an applicant screening policy in place before you start hiring.
  • Openly share your policy with each candidate.
  • Consult professional background screeners.
  • Make sure the screen you use is accurate and the results are up-to-date.
  • Stay informed on current laws and regulations you may be obligated to follow.
  • Be objective and open with the applicant: get all the facts before you make your decision.

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