If you Google search “Hiring Advice”, over 100,000,000 results come up all of which are articles claiming to be the ‘best’ advice out there. The truth is it may be good advice but a majority of it is opinion based or advice that has worked for that particular recruiter, hiring manager or employer. In the ever changing world of employment certain advice is no longer relevant, proved inadequate or just simply poor advice.  So then the question remains what is the best of the best? How about the worst? As industry experts we have picked out 5 pieces of the worst hiring advice we’ve heard or read.

1. Trust your gut

This is great advice for many things but hiring is not one of them. If you meet an applicant and have a great gut feeling about them, of course you should continue considering the candidate but don’t make your decision right then and there. Other factors must be considered like skills, interview answer and screening results. It’s ok to trust your gut but don’t let your gut undermine warning signs of a bad hire.

 2. Time kills

Advice about time is very common however it’s not always good. The advice seems to say don’t waste time, lock down your candidate immediately, hire fast, if you’re not hiring you’re not being productive. This is all false…the hiring decision is not one to be made lightly. There are other ways to let a candidate know you are interested in them than hiring them on the spot. Time is your friend, not too much but enough to allow you to make an informed and smarter hiring decision.

 3. Make hiring a priority

Hiring is important but not as important as safety. If you hire just to hire you risk much more than when you take your time and find the perfect person for your work environment. When hiring is your priority you can ruin your company culture, have high turnaround and reduce the quality of your business.

 4. Look for the four A’s – Assertive, Affable, Attractive and Articulate

People with these qualities tend to be loved by all. They can win over a crowd with their words but are they up for the job. Always check references and skills before letting a smooth talker talk you into a bad hiring decision.

5. No one will care about your business more than you

Company culture is very important in today’s workforce. You want to hire people who are passionate about the same things you are. A good hire will love what they do and essentially be a reflection of you. If your company culture is what you want it to be your employees should care as much about your business as you do.

When researching anything always check your sources. Be sure the information you are receiving is coming from an industry expert or at the very least a person involved in the industry. Anyone can publish an article online so be aware, be picky and don’t let bad advice ruin your day. What is the worst advice you’ve heard? We would love for you to share it with us in the comments below.

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