Compliance automation. Big words. Lofty topic. Sounds intimidating, right?

Unless you’re already an expert in background screening (if so, we should talk!), you may not have a clue what compliance automation is and what it can do for your business.

We’ll get to that point in a moment.

But trust us when we say it’s the best solution available to provide a better, more efficient method to meet federal regulations.

Need proof?

Compliance automation is a huge hot-button issue in the IT industry, who generates many of the information databases we access during our background screenings. A quick Google search for ‘the benefits of compliance automation’ brings up a host of well-written pieces advocating for the use of compliance automation. We’ve curated some of the best here:

  • EIQ’s The Situation Room says anyone dealing with sensitive information needs to monitor and protect their data because the threat of a data breach is higher than ever.
  • ComplianceEase writes about The Compliance Challenge here, and adds that manual compliance processing is prone to inaccuracies and data-integrity concerns
  • This article from trade pub Internal Auditor states that using a compliance automation tool will help identify shortcomings in your own internal processes

Although the IT industry’s version of compliance automation is different from ours, we share the same goal: assure federal compliance guidelines are being met in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

According to HR World, human resources departments, regardless of industry, are overworked and stressed out. The demands on their time, it seems, are ever-increasing and the challenges of meeting their companies hiring needs and complying with state and federal rules and regulations is exhausting. Eligibility. Discrimination. Recruitment. Licensing. The list of things HR folks need to keep up with is exhausting. If they miss something, or break accordance with EEOC law, there may be a stiff penalty to pay.

This is where technology like Active Screening’s ACTivate Comply can simultaneously reduce some of the HR department’s burden (thereby increasing efficiency and in turn, lessening cost – up to 20%!), and assure that all hiring data guidelines are being met. ACTivate Comply helps manage and track applicants through the hiring process more effectively with flexible compliance services and reporting.

In addition, we’ve created ACTivate Comply to be as transparent as possible to mitigate any risk during the hiring process. Here’s some of what our technology entails:

  • Applicant will receive a copy of the background check results with any necessary documents
  • Scoring for Pass / Fail / Alerts for records based on custom hiring criteria
  • Integrated Adverse Action notifications and forms
  • Free dispute management and re-verification services

Additionally, we’ve taken great care to cultivate a full range of solutions to address the complex hiring environment in different industries. ACTivate Comply can be tailored to your hiring needs, and will provide you and the candidate with a seamless and compliant experience. Our customizable compliance automation tool can covers all of these steps as you track your applicant through the hiring process:

  • Applicant Entry Solutions – Increase human resources productivity by processing all background forms online, automating data entry and ordering.
  • Integrated Payment Services – Reduce costs, errors and transaction times by automating the acceptance of credit card payments.
  • Clinical Services – Accurately manage electronic chain-of-custody forms for your applicants with forms and delivery tools.
  • Electronic I9 Form Verification – Store your I-9 forms online and send them electronically to the E-Verify system.
  • Technical Integration Services – Save time by automating the ordering and retrieval of background reports via your HRIS application or proprietary system.

If you weren’t an expert in compliance automation before, we hope you’re on your way now. Be sure to ask for a live demo of ACTivate Comply on your travels!

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