As we all think about our first pint of green beer sure to be coming later today, we turn our attention to this annual celebration of Irish heritage, culture and religion. But how much do we really know about St. Patrick and why we wear green every March 17th?

According to the Independent newspaper in Ireland (congrats on the Six Nations, btw!), not much. In the style of Jay Leno’s infamous ‘Jaywalking’ skit, this reporter takes the mickey out of American tourists:

Watch the clip here:


We’re just guessing the fact this took place outside of the Guinness Storehouse might have had something to do with everyone’s giggly answers!

Speaking of breweries, have you ever considered the diversity of employees working there (how’s that for a transition? Bam!)? Probably not. But we have!

You need brewmasters, drivers, tax accountants, public relations dynamos, quality control maestros, wellness experts, cleaners and sales reps. That’s just what came to mind after checking out the job board for Guinness in Dublin.

Not every company has this diversity in its workforce. For instance, a small auto repair business might just need a few mechanics and an office manager. What both of these businesses have in common however is the need to find trustworthy, ethical, responsible employees. That’s where we come in!

Active Screening understands that different industries require different solutions.

We have cultivated a full range of solutions necessary for successful screening in today’s complex hiring environment. Every industry faces unique challenges and we not only understand those challenges but we provide a tailored screening process that is unmatched by anyone else in our industry.

Universities, schools and other educational institutions have a dilemma. Deadly school shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School and Virginia Tech have increased attention on, and demand for, public safety issues yet risk management budgets are still constrained. We can create a cost-effective way to screen your incoming students, teachers and other staff to ensure your campus and people are safe.

Shopped at Target lately? We don’t know about you, but the moment we learned about the data breach, we canceled all our credit and debit cards. Why take the risk, right? We can help businesses mitigate their risk with our retail and financial services screening processes. Our screening process helps identify the best candidates for your company’s culture and ensures you’re complying with all federal and privacy guidelines.

The complexity of healthcare creates another minefield. Patient privacy and safety often top the list of providers concerns, but there is a slough of ever-changing federal regulations to keep up with, too. The Affordable Care Act ripple-effect is still being felt by millions of Americans and, undoubtedly, the employers who are grappling with its technicalities. Active Screening has made meeting the hiring needs of the medical community a top priority.

Here is a comprehensive list of our solutions by industry:

* Transportation

* Healthcare

Government (make sure to come back on Wednesday when we talk Snowden!)


* Financial





Property Management

Have we captured your attention? Click here to learn about how you can ‘Hire Smarter with Active Screening.’

Until then, Slán!

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