There are some hot headlines in the world of education this week.

Some parents are flipping out about naked illustrations in a middle school sex-ed book.

College grads are giving their alma mater’s an average grade for life prep.

Title IX infraction investigations are heating up at some of the nation’s top universities.

This last article is especially apropos for our examination of the education industry’s need for thorough and professionally conducted background checks.

Active Screening takes seriously the need to vet anyone – ANYONE – who is hired by a school district or higher education institution. When we send our children and loved ones to school, we want to believe that it’s a safe place but we need affirmation in the form of background checks that this is true.

Campus safety and security is not the only reason for vetting candidates, though. Think of how much financial information is stored at a school. Think of how much money it takes to recruit and retain top talent (athletics and research come to mind as major cash players). Think of the number of times a credit card is swiped on campus. A campus could be easy prey for a major financial security breach or an embarrassing oversight.

We’ve hit on this topic before. Check out these posts and excerpts from each:

How a Proper Background Check Saved USF from a $1,000,000 Mistake – “Masiello was perfect – the resume and track record were exactly what USF was looking for. The contract was drawn up and he was ready to leave New York for a little sun shine in Florida. What could go wrong? A background check. Turns out Masiello may have misled some people about his college education. He did attend college but while checking his credentials, USF could not verify his degree. A representative from his college has since come out and said he never completed his course work.”

Different Industries Require Different Solutions – “Universities, schools and other educational institutions have a dilemma. Deadly school shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School and Virginia Tech have increased attention on, and demand for, public safety issues yet risk management budgets are still constrained. We can create a cost-effective way to screen your incoming students, teachers and other staff to ensure your campus and people are safe.”

Active Screening understands the dilemma facing school districts and higher education institutions. You want to provide the best talent for your students and facilities for your educators and coaches, but raising tuition or consolidating schools aren’t viable, long-term solutions. You need to find smart, affordable, well-rounded solutions that mitigate any risk. That’s what we provide with our comprehensive screening solution for the education industry.

When you partner with Active Screening, you can customize your screening options from this list of solutions we tailored especially for the education industry:

  • Identity and Credit
  • Driver’s Records
  • Criminal Records
  • References and Credentialing
  • Substance Abuse Testing
  • Electronic I-9 Solutions
  • Global Solutions
  • Applicant-Entry Solutions

We have this quote on our website: “The reputation of your school will hang on the credentials of your faculty, students and safety of your school.” We take our own words seriously and we are committed to partnering with you to ensure every aspect of your school is safe. Coming later this week, we’ll dissect examples of campus safety breaches and explore how a background check could’ve helped.

You know where we stand on this issue. We believe background checks sourced by reputable agencies like Active Screening are the least school districts and higher education institutions can do to protect its students, faculty, staff and visitors.

What’s your opinion? How far should schools go to ensure their campuses are safe? Send us your comments and they just might appear in future blog posts.

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