For some reason people tend to be more honest during the holidays, the only lie typically told is the amount of money spent on gifts. No one really knows why this is the case, maybe it’s the season or the little kid in all of us that knows Santa is watching; no matter the reason every winter brings out the best in all of us. In the spirit of Christmas we would like to discuss the importance of honesty for job seekers and employers.

The economy, although growing, has been tough the past few years causing many job seekers to pad their resumes with false or altered information, this is one of the worst things you can do.  You may score the interview and even impress the employer but when the offer is extended and your credentials are checked, you will find yourself back at square one. Employers look for certain skills but also for qualities you don’t learn in school such as dependability and work ethic, dishonesty is not the way to show this. After one indication that you stretched the truth, your reputation will be gone along with the job offer.

Be honest with everything on your resume. With that said, here are things you should always be honest about:

  • References – Employers will call so line up good references in advance.
  • Work History – Including all jobs and reasons you left; if you got fired be upfront and explain. It will sound a lot worse coming from an old boss than it will from you.
  • Education – If you are a class short of graduating, do not claim to have a degree.
  • Convictions – With new laws many employers can’t ask this up front but again it will sound better if you explain it rather than it being read off a report.
  • Skills – Although this is a hard one to check, it will show once you start.

Now, we have covered job seekers but honesty is just as important for employers. In order to increase the quality of your business and avoid the cost of a bad hire you must be honest. In the news lately many companies are being fined and sued for basically dishonesty. Not following guidelines, lying about policies and denying candidates without an honest effort to explain.

By following this advice you will avoid a costly lawsuit and create a great work environment:

  • Make sure the job description is accurate: This will help with a high turnaround rate.
  • Be up front: Share your screening and hiring policies with candidates.
  • Always explain:  Tell applicants why they did not get the job.

If you follow these guidelines and remember that “honesty is always the best policy,” you can’t go wrong this holiday season.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Active Screening!

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