A story was released a couple weeks about a mall Santa being inappropriate with a younger teenage elf. It quickly made the news nationwide and became a joke for many radio stations and talk shows. Although plenty of comments produced were humorous, the story sparked some concern from employers and parents. Placing doubt in their minds, many now question if these employees are screened before they are hired.

In this case the man playing Santa, Herbert Jones, did get a background check, which according to the photography company that hired him, it came back clear. Now although it came back clear the article does not say what kind of screening process the company has in place. If the goal is to hire one hundred Santa’s in a month, the screening process may not be as thorough as it should be; putting children, parents and other employees at risk.

The holidays are known for many things, one being part time employment opportunities. Many people take up seasonal jobs to get through the wonderful but very expensive time of the year.  Employers, however, often struggle with hiring enough people in a quick manner. They tend to cut corners with temporary employees including performing minimal to no background checks. No matter the time frame a thorough and comprehensive check should be done on every candidate to ensure safety during the holidays.

At Active Screening we know how difficult the staffing process can be so we have put together a set of guidelines for reducing risks anytime of the year you may need seasonal workers.

  • Create a screening policy with a comprehensive check for all employees.
  • Validate information provided by candidates.
  • Be positive your new hires have the right background.
  • Consult professional background screeners.
  • Re-Verify results: check and recheck to make sure you have the most updated and accurate information.
  • Stay informed on current laws and regulations you may be obligated to follow.
  • Perform personal assessments of all candidates.

Santa has a reputation to maintain as do the companies who hire him to bring joy during the holidays. In this next week leading up to Christmas, check with your Santa Claus and make sure he made this year’s nice list. For more information on our customized solutions or helpful resources please visit https://www.activescreening.com/solutions/staffing-solutions/.


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