logoThe hiring process for any company can be a daunting task. You must publish an ad, filter through applicants, interview candidates, screen them and then train the new hire, if all goes smoothly you should have a new hire within a month or two. By finding a background screening company to help with your process, you can save your company time, money and resources. This will increase the quality of your business and ensure your efforts aren’t wasted. To find the perfect company you must do your research, know what you are looking for and know what to avoid.


When beginning your research you must keep in mind what it is you need.  There are many different types of screening services as well as solutions. To do this start by identifying what information you want to know about your applicants. Then once you have that, think about which solutions would give you those results. If you’d like to know prior arrests, you’ll need a company that does criminal records or if you would like to check education and skills, you’ll need a company who verifies references and credentials. This information will guide you in your research.

What to look for:

There are many companies out there who claim to have the best results instantly, don’t fall for that. No company can give instant results that are accurate. When choosing your company there are some core things you can check to see if they are a legit business or a scam.

  1. Type of Screening: most reputable companies offer multiple services and industry specific solutions.
  2. Results: Know where and how to they get their results.
  3. Industry Expertise: you want to make sure the company has experience and is qualified.
  4. Client base: do they have any references or recommendations.
  5. Are they affiliated with anyone: The NAPBS or The National Association of Professional Background Screeners is an example of a reputable affiliation.
  6. Data Security: Know how the company secures sensitive information.
  7. Technology: Inquire about the solutions, do they use the latest technology.
  8. Customer Service: Always go with a company who values customer service.

Professional and quality companies will possess most if not all of these characteristics.

What to avoid:

Avoid the word “instant” and spamming. If a company uses these things they are probably not going to provide you with accurate information. By choosing an instant service, most likely you will be where you started and unable to make an informed decision about your hire.

About Active Screening:

Active Screening is a nationwide leader providing industry specific solutions that help employers make smarter hiring decisions and reduce time to hire. Our experienced, professional staff combined with our ACTivate Platform provides you with the best results available anywhere. We service thousands of organizations and have over a decade of experience in the industry. For more information please visit https://www.activescreening.com/.

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