What do you get when you cross a fish with a bunny? You get something pretty funny, right? Get it? Funny??!!

That image comes courtesy of Spike Africa’s Fresh Fish Grill & Bar in San Diego. I’ll be visiting them soon so I had to give them some love.

We hope you had a most egg-scellent Easter! Now that your brain is kinda sorta coming out of its candy coma, we’re gonna talk about something equally delicious – amazing customer service. Ok, so that’s a little bit of stretch but we appreciate you sticking with us.

Best In Class

We’ve mentioned before the importance of a swell customer experience. A good one can earn you loyalty, word of mouth, good PR, more people wanting to work for you, and increased demand. Economics 101 teaches us that increased demand = smaller supply = bigger bucks for your product. In the end, there is no reason NOT to provide exceptional customer service.

Because a bad customer experience can earn you, well… this.

Now that you know why you should treat your customers well, we’re going to explore how we, at Active Screening, do it better than anyone else in the industry.

We call it Active Care. Its three key components assure our clients that our work is dependable, accurate, professional, timely and up to date on national laws and trends.

Need proof that it works? More than 97% of our customers keep us on board.


That’s fancy speak for “nothing slips by us.” Our research specialists are the best in the country. They have to be. We only hire the best.

Our recruiting and testing procedures are rigorous and demanding. Each specialist is thoroughly vetted and must pass several tests that prove their knowledge of and competency in conducting background and courthouse research. We insist our Research Specialists perform boots-on-the-ground research; that’s how we provide our clients the most up-to-date, accurate and thorough screening results.


Providing top-notch support is our number one priority. We’ve deliberately designed our service offerings with our clients and their candidates and employees in mind. By understanding the flow of information and the chain of command under which that information operates, we believe we have created the most comprehensive customer service experience anywhere. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • 24/7 Assistance. Our live chat support is always there to help answer questions.
  • Live Call Center. You will talk to a real person who will offer support and answers.
  • Extended Support Hours. We are a nationwide family and our Tampa office will take Pacific and Central Time Zone calls from 6 to 8 pm EST.
  • Guaranteed 4 business hour response time
  • Guaranteed 8 business hour resolution time
  • Immediate access to our ActiveCare Blog and its archives. You’ll find an extensive library of topics and FAQ’s that our team of writers tackles 5 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our commitment to you means that you will never feel out of the loop. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions about our customer service experience. Email us here.


Recruiting. Testing. Researching. Reading. Attending conferences. Innovating. Not only has Active Screening assembled the most informed team of researchers and staff, we have become industry leaders in creating dynamic software programs for your hiring needs. Active Screening has developed the ACTivate Platform, the best Single Sign-On Solution for the background screening available in the market today. It offers a series of customizable options that suit small businesses with 10 employees to multinational corporations with thousands on staff. Some of the solutions we offer include:

  • Identity and credit history
  • Criminal checks
  • Drug testing
  • I-9 work status
  • Click here for the full range of solutions!

Come On Board

We hope you’re ready to jump on the Active Screening train after reading this. If you need a little extra incentive, download our our free 23 page guide to Applicant Background Screening in 2014.

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