Background screening varies from industry to industry and is important to each individual industry for different reasons. One industry everyone likes to think uses background screening on a regular basis is the transportation industry. People want to know the person driving their taxi, delivering items or even driving next to them on the road is not only qualified but safe to be around.

Crash statistics can be a scary reality when you are next to that large semi on the highway. Recent statistics, however, are more comforting than frightening. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently released a study where they found that carriers using pre-employment screening saw a large decrease in crashes as well as a decline in the drivers out of service rate. It was revealed that on average companies using pre-screening experienced 8 percent less crashes than those not using a program. The rate of drivers out of service almost doubled that, revealing a 17 percent decrease in comparison to those who don’t screen.  By using pre-screening programs companies have increased their quality and improved the safety of the roads.

Now not all companies have started using screening programs but the Department of Transportation (DOT) along with the American Trucking Association (ATA) are working hard together to implement better policies. These include more rigorous drug testing and a look into ones driving past instead of just a criminal past. A recent interview was done with the former vice president of government affairs from the ATA, in which she gave insight on the challenges facing screening in the transportation industry and how to overcome it through proper screening.  She suggests the best screening one can do is to look at driver termination, accidents and substance abuse.

Slowly trucking companies and administrators are realizing the importance of screening potential drivers. Active screening provides customized solutions for nine industries. The comprehensive screening program offered for transportation includes:

  • Drivers Records: To determine eligibility.
  • Criminal Records: To identify any recent records and those pertaining to the industry.
  • References & Credentialing: To confirm resumes and past employment.
  • DOT Clinical Services: To reduce time and cost.

For more information on the transportation industry or other industry solutions please visit our Solutions by Industry page.

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