Now, these are the types of upcoming college graduates, much less people in general, you want to hire.

These roommates returned more than $40,000 to its rightful owner after finding the money stashed inside a couch they bought from a thrift store. They said it was the right thing to do. Doesn’t that benevolence and moral fortitude make you feel good?

It’s this type of stuff that comes into play when checking out candidates for jobs these days. A solid resume and cover letter, nice fitting suit and firm handshake, and reachable references doesn’t cut it anymore. We live in the digital age and where your name appears, or has appears, matters.

Why Should You Screen Your Candidates?

We’re wrapping up Small Business Week by taking a closer look at outsourcing background screening. We’ve hit on turnover and outsourcing 101 already this week.

As a small business, you might think that you don’t need to screen your candidates. Maybe you know all of your employees by name and you know their families, too. Maybe you have such a small staff you think everything they do is transparent. Maybe you think you can’t afford it. Maybe you feel it would be too invasive.

Whatever your reason, we urge you to reconsider. It’s business. It’s good business practice. If you’re not doing it already, you’re in the minority. A workplace violence survey performed by The Society for Human Resource Management reports that roughly 96% of HR professionals say that their companies do background checks of new hires. That’s up from 66% in 1996.

Background checks should be a routine, standard operating procedure for anyone you hire. Anyone. We bet these employers are kicking themselves for not looking more closely at their hires (scroll two-thirds down for more icky cases).

Here are some top reasons to screen your hires:

Small Business Specific

Hiring a specialist like Active Screening to perform your background checks is a move all small businesses should make.

It’s economical. Yes, you’ll spend some money to retain us but we will save you gobs/heaps/piles/mountains of cash with our comprehensive background checks that will prevent you from hiring an employee with a bad track record. Plus, you don’t have to train a current employee or hire a new employee to run background checks for you. That saves your payroll, too.

It’s wise. We know every state and federal regulation and law on the books. We know the trends and what’s coming down the pipeline. There is things like FCRA, EEOC, ADA, that we know inside and out. When you outsource your background checks to us, we keep you in compliance. And as this article states, “under FCRA, your small business can have limited legal immunity by using a third-party background pre-employment screening company.”

It’s timely. We’re fast. Because we know the background screening industry forward, backward, sideways and diagonal, we are efficient. We will not waste your time, our time or your candidate’s time.

It’s thorough. If you attempt to keep background checks in-house, you may be enticed to cut corners or only run a person’s identity or criminal record. It is too easy for nasty stuff to fall through the cracks that way. When you outsource to Active Screening, you can tailor your background screening needs and ensure you’re getting a good look at everything you want and need to know about a candidate. Here’s what we can cover:


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