In this post, we learned who Edward Snowden is, what he is accused of, an inkling of how he pulled it off, where he is supposedly living, and why he says he blew the whistle on questionable spying practices by the National Security Agency.

The effects/ramifications/consequences from Snowden’s actions are felt everyday and they will continue to impact our lives into the future. Perhaps the biggest immediate action being taken is to improve background screenings for federal employees.

This article from yesterday’s The Washington Post outlines a new report from the Office of Personnel Management. In it, OPM states the federal government needs to overhaul its screening policies and has outlined several key areas to address:

  • Screeners need better access to police records
  • Reduce the number of employees with special access (estimated to be more than 5 million)
  • Perform more frequent follow-up investigations

Not mentioned anywhere in the report is how to pay for all of this stuff, although it did say more federal funding was needed. We’ll tackle that topic on another rainy day! We bet you’d have a lot to say about it.

Another idea floating about is to quit outsourcing federal screening altogether. OPM conducts more than 2 million background screens a year, many of which are farmed out to private companies like the one that conducted Snowden’s screening, according to the article in the New York Post.

Again, there is no discussion of how much this would cost or mention of the logistics of taking on such an enormous task.

We have to be honest, this last idea has us scratching our heads. No one knows the rules and regulations of hiring and has the highest-quality industry resources available to them better than screening companies like us. Active Screening’s record is exemplary and we pride ourselves on our professional, experienced and knowledgeable staff. Furthermore, All our background screening programs are designed to:

  • Validate information provided by candidates
  • Ensure your new hires have the right background
  • Reduce your risks of negligent hiring
  • Create and maintain a safe workplace environment
  • Reduce losses from employee theft, drug abuse, turnover and absenteeism
  • Reduce incidents of workplace violence
  • Minimize internal fraud

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We don’t know the full extent Snowden’s actions will have on our privacy rights or what changes they might spur in federal screening policies. But we do know that employers, local and state governments, unions, and people like you and me are paying more attention to hiring practices and background screening.

 Here’s a few headlines to prove it:

You’ve heard our take on The Snowden Effect. Now it’s your turn. What other immediate changes do you see in the background screening industry? What do you think is on the horizon?

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