TGIF, am I right? We don’t know about you, but it feels like this week was tough to get through.

Kidnappings in Nigeria.

Severe weather.

Unrest in Ukraine.

We could all use a little lightness in our day today. So, in honor of Mother’s Day (This Sunday! Get your cards, flowers, brunches and massage appointments lined up!), may we present this awesome speech by NBA MVP Kevin Durant.

Go right to the 21:00 mark to hear him show the love to his mom.

Aaaahhh, doesn’t that feel better?

Now we’re ready to tackle our latest assignment: Giving you the skinny on successful recruiting partnerships.

Plenty has already been written about companies establishing great relationships with recruiters. We’re approaching this from a different angle: why recruiters and companies alike should establish a relationship with a background screening company like Active Screening.

Here’s our top five reasons:

1.) Capitalize On Our Strengths – You do recruiting really well. We do background screening really well. Throughout the past decade we have performed millions of background checks to astounding results: a 97% client retention rate, a 33% criminal hit rate, and a 99.9% uptime. In other words, we’re really good. By partnering with Active Screening, you’re assured the candidates you work with and represent are trustworthy, law-abiding citizens who are who they say they are.

2.) Help Create a Strong Candidate Experience – By partnering with a background screening company, you’ll establish a routine experience that every candidate will go through. This does a couple of things. One, it makes your process as a recruiter transparent so that candidates will understand what is required of them while working with you. There won’t be any surprises. Two, candidates will all be treated equally. This not only ensures you are in compliance with all laws but assures candidates that every time they walk through your doors in search of a job they are getting fair treatment.

3.) We’re On Top of Trends – Social media is a powerful force. It can make or break one of your candidates. Users may have multiple profiles under a variety of names with misleading information. We can help you find the truth through references and credentialing.  That’s our job. We’re not afraid to ask the  tough questions and investigate the answers. While you’re concerned with finding the right position for this person, we’re concerned with making sure this person is the right person for the position. This article highlights the importance of challenging candidates to see how they handle the stress of the job search.

4.) Streamline Your Process – Job sourcing for candidates takes an extraordinary amount of time. There’s endless phone calls, internet searches, social media interactions, business lunches, job fairs… etc. etc. As a recruiter, sometime it seems as if you’re never NOT on the job. Outsourcing your background checks to a quality screening company will save you time and money. Additionally, when one of your candidates gets a job offer, you can provide their potential employer with a completed background check done by a professional company. This streamlines THEIR process and saves them time and money. That’s a win-win-win (candidate experience, recruiter, employer). Chances are, you’ve just found yourself a long-term and lucrative relationship with this employer.

5.) Increase Your Retention, Decrease Disappointments – Did you know that 60% of employees who used personal connections to get hired report being extremely satisfied with their jobs? As a recruiter, you’re a personal connection. You get an opportunity to know your candidates not only as professionals, but also as regular Joe’s. This helps you increase your retention because you’ll know if there is common interests, schools, training, friendships between candidates and employers. Partnering with a background screening company will also decrease any disappointments during the hiring process. If Active Screening turns up something in its background check that makes your candidate a less-than-ideal fit for a prospective employer, you’ll have the opportunity to find a different candidate for that employer or have a better idea of where your current candidate should be placed.

What do you think? Ready to partner with Active Screening? We’re always ready to talk. Give us a ring at 1-800-319-5580.

PS – Call your mom while you’re at it!

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