“Do you have any questions?” is the phrase every new hire hears in an interview, but how many employers are offered the same courtesy? If asked, the question concerning most employers’ would involve screening policies. What type of check is necessary? Do I need a screening policy? What are the current laws? All these questions can be answered by a quality screening organization. There are many benefits to using an outside source for applicant screening, including: reduced cost, increased time and increased quality.

 Listed below are Active Screening’s top 5 reasons why employers should stop screening applicants in-house and make the switch to qualified professionals.

1. Time –

In-house screening can be time consuming and actually take away from a company’s productivity. Qualified screening professionals can typically deliver accurate data in less than 48 hrs, reducing an employer’s time spent on hiring an individual.

2. Cost

In-house screening reduces a company’s productivity which means a loss in profits. Not only can you lose profits but the different checks, searches and fees will add up, costing a company even more money and resources. Outsourcing will reduce actual cost and potentially save an employer the cost of a bad higher, which was revealed in a recent study to be around $25,000.

3. Resources

Not only are search methods time consuming and costly but they are also scarce. Screening companies have access to multiple resources, most with dedicated researchers that know exactly where to look and what to search for.

4. Knowledge

You can pay for databases, look at public records and search social media sites but in-house screening will always lack industry expertise. By using a qualified organization it’s guaranteed that the results received were conducted and re-verified by experts in the field. The employer will also have peace of mind knowing the necessary resources were used to provide the most accurate results possible.

5. Laws

Many laws surround properly hiring and screening applicants. If performing in-house searches not all laws apply but some do, which can place unnecessary stress on an employer. By using a qualified screening company, you know they will be compliant, making a lawsuit one less thing to worry about.

There are many other benefits to using a company verse performing checks yourself. These include industry expertise, customized screening plans and paperless solutions. Active Screening offers complete, comprehensive and cost effective solutions for all your screening needs.

For more information please visit https://www.activescreening.com/ or call us at (800) 319-5580 and schedule a demo to experience Active Screening’s innovative solutions.

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