The first thing we did on Memorial Day was give thanks to all the men and women who sacrificed their lives for America. We would not be living, working and thriving in our country without them. Our children would not have bright futures if not for their selflessness, loyalty and belief in a greater good. Thank you!

The second thing we did was crack open our iDevices (sorry newspaper industry!) and hunt for the news. After reading all the tough stuff, our eyes were drawn to a catchy USA Today headline we couldn’t help but click on: The Top 25 Companies for Pay and Perks.

Now, before we even go any further, you just KNOW some of the companies on there already. Google? Check. Facebook? Check. Procter & Gamble? Check. Microsoft? eBay? Verizon? Check. Check. Check.

Glassdoor, who conducted the survey, says these behemoths have a long-cited history of attracting top-notch talent and keeping them with outstanding pay and perks. But some other companies who cracked Glassdoor’s ceiling are doing a heckuva job, too. Here’s who and (some of) how they do it:

  • – fun business travel destinations and cool home base
  • Adobe – lots of employee extras like pet insurance, onsite gyms, onsite relaxation areas
  • USAA and Costco – bonuses

We’re not saying you have to keep up with the big boys. Even if you’re a small startup, there are some smart moves you can borrow from the top 25 to find some swell talent. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

Above-average salaries. Pay your people a little more from the get go. It breeds loyalty and leads to less turnover (a costly merry-go-round… click here to see how much you’re losing with revolving employees). Definitely include stock options if you have them.

Flex time. Happy employees are productive employees. If your business can still function and grow by allowing employees to work from home or at non-peak hours or in split shifts or telecommuting or… you get the idea… then give it a whirl. Believe us, your employees already feel enough guilt about working so much that flex time alleviates some of this stress. Think about working parents. Caregivers. Pet owners. People who live far away from their family. There is a whole host of employee-situations who would benefit from flex time and who would, undoubtedly, work harder for you when they do clock in. Gratitude goes a long way.

Perks. Gym membership? Netflix membership? Holiday parties? Random parties? In house massages? Health coaches? Wine and cheese tasting? Bring your pet to work day? Volunteer opportunities? You can get so creative with these that sometimes they cost you nothing (Here’s a tip – have one corporate credit card account that accrues points for purchases. Redeem the points at surprise moments for your staff. You can get them swag like noise-canceling headphones or experiences like concert tickets).

Vacation. People deserve more than two weeks off per year.

Recruiting top talent with pay or perks is just your first step. Retaining them by creating a culture of excellence is necessary for your long term success. Conducting entry and routine background checks should always be a part of your long term plan for success. Screening will weed out people who won’t be a good fit with your team, or whose values and actions have veered away from your company’s core culture.

Partnering with Active Screening is a smart and savvy business decision because we care about your company. We want you to succeed. We want your employees to feel safe. We want you to stay on the right side of the law. We want your secure information to stay out of idle hands. Check out our comprehensive list of screening solutions here.


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