A recent collision between a truck driver and an Amtrak train in North Carolina is shedding light on how big rig drivers are screened for duty.

ICYMI, the collision happened in early March when a tractor-trailer got stuck on the tracks while trying to make a turn. The train barreled into the rig leaving 55 of the trains’ more than 200 passengers injured, however, no one was seriously hurt.

 Since the accident, the driver’s actions that day and his driving history, as well as his criminal history, have come under fire. Turns out the driver, John Devin Black, has a history of at least a dozen driving violations, including speeding and driving with a revoked license. He’s also a convicted felon.

So how on earth did he get a job as a trucker?

The Associated Press looked into the issue and this is what it found. Federal law mandates transportation companies to conduct background checks before hiring drivers, but individual companies can decide for themselves whether to hire someone with a sketchy driving record or criminal convictions. Black has a valid commercial driver’s license, however, he did not need to pass a criminal background check to get it.

But how can a person with a criminal record earn a commercial driver’s license?

Federal law does not prevent a person with a criminal record from obtaining a commercial license, as long as they didn’t commit the crimes while driving a truck.

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