A quick Google search of ‘Applicant Entry System’ turns up a lot of tech jargon. You’ll see terms like:

  • configurable
  • streamlined
  • auto-submission
  • pre-populated

These terms may not mean much to you unless you’re involved in Human Resources, Information Technology, software development, or the background screening industry. Maybe marketing, too. When companies launch products they’ve worked long and hard to develop, implement and introduce to the public, they can get really excited about all the technology they’ve been able to stuff into those products. They want to show off and promote those newfangled pieces of tech so they come up with really impressive words like “configurable” and “auto-submission.”

What often gets lost in translation, though, is the simplicity and ease behind the fancy jargon. This plays out whenever you research ‘Applicant Entry System.’ When you’re searching for a new product to introduce to your company or bring back to your team, the last thing you want to get bogged down is high-falutin’ talk. You want to know how the product works, what it adds to your current system, and why it’s the best choice.

Active Screening understands the frustration this might cause. That’s why we’ve created the easiest way imaginable to explain our Applicant Entry System. It’s called ACTivate Platform.

How It Works

ACTivate processes all the necessary background check forms online. A candidate will receive an email customized with your company’s logo and branding that will ask them to follow a secure link to complete the background check authorization form. The candidate will then answer questions needed to perform a background check (things like former names, social security number, and previous addresses may be asked). Applicants will be asked to sign a background check authorization form online at which point the background check research will begin.

ACTivate collects and stores them in a secure, paperless format. This means your human resources department doesn’t get bogged down in paperwork and redundant data entry.

What Are The Benefits

First, you’re going to save a bunch of bucks. Dinero. Moula. Money. Cashola. Whatever you want to call it, there will be wads of it put back into your pocket by using our paperless ACTivate Platform. Using ACTivate can save your company $500 per person per year in paper, toner, ink, printers and their maintenance! 

You’re also going to save money because your HR folks can actually focus on other important tasks instead of shuffling candidates’ paperwork and inputting data. Because of this, your applicants will be turned into employees faster! This is called reducing time-to-hire and cost-per-hire, and it’s great news considering how much it costs to turnover employees.

Second, you’re going to eliminate a ton of risk. ACTivate collects and stores applicants’ information in secure servers that provide redundant disaster recovery process. This means that if your office is felled by fire or flood or some other awful natural disaster, ACTivate will keep all necessary hiring information safe and sound.

This also comes in incredibly handy if anyone (like an employment lawyer) ever questions the chain of command of hiring documents and who has had access to them.

Why ACTivate Is The Best

Click here for an awesome video that shows why ACTivate is the ideal Applicant Entry System. Best of all, ACTivate can be customized to use all, or some, of these options:

ACTivate AppPay – Reduce costs, errors and transaction times by automating the acceptance of credit card payments.

ACTivate E-Drug – Accurately manage electronic chain-of-custody forms for your applicants with forms and delivery tools.

ACTivate Comply – Manage and track your applicants through the hiring process more effectively with flexible compliance services and reporting.

ACTivate E-Verify Store your I-9 forms online and send them electronically to the E-Verify system.

ACTivate XML – Save time by automating the ordering and retrieval of background reports using your existing system.

We think these are just some of the reasons why ACTivate Platform is the most effective, affordable and beneficial Applicant Entry System on the market today. If you think so, too, give one of our outstanding team members a call at 1-800-319-5580 or shoot us an email here.

We hope we spelled out ACTivate Platform for you in a no-nonsense way. Your time is money and we hope you spent both wisely reading this.

How’d we do? Send us your thoughts below.

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